New Registrants

Thank you for your interest in joining Realty 7!


Prodigious news, congrats! Now, it’s time to find a brokerage and dive into your new business. As you know, Realty 7 is great at supporting newly licenced agents, so if you wish to be registered with us, please take the following steps (these are the same steps as they would be to sign up with any other brokerage):

  1. Visit your local police station and get a police check (police report) for employment.
  2. Email us a request for the forms needed to register your licence with our brokerage (
  3. Email us your completed RECO application to be reviewed and signed by our broker of record, then it will be emailed back to you.
  4. As soon as you receive your completed application signed by us, please forward to RECO all the following (as a parcel – NOT by email!):
    • Your police report. Important: RECO needs the ORIGINAL, never mail a copy, otherwise it will be rejected.
    • The completed and fully signed RECO application.
    • A cheque for RECO fees or a credit card payment form. The cheque date must be the current date (today’s) (not a future date!) – post-dated cheques can not be processed by RECO.
  5. When your registration is complete with RECO, you will receive confirmation by email from our office and from RECO.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Broker of Record: